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Tiger Myrtle Stabilised Knife Blank 150 x 50 x 30mm

Tiger Myrtle Stabilised Knife Blank 150 x 50 x 30mm

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Presenting our exceptional Stabilised Tiger Myrtle Timber Knife Blank, infused with the unique essence of cactus juice for unparalleled durability and resilience. Melding the natural allure of tiger myrtle timber with the innovative stabilization process using cactus juice, this blank offers a perfect balance of beauty and strength for your custom knife projects.

Harvested from select sources, the tiger myrtle timber boasts captivating patterns and rich tones that reflect the raw beauty of Australian woodcraft. Through meticulous stabilisation with cactus juice, each blank undergoes a transformative process, enhancing its structural integrity and resistance to environmental factors.

The infusion of cactus juice imbues the timber with remarkable durability, making it resistant to warping, shrinking, and cracking over time. This ensures that your finished knife will maintain its flawless appearance and functionality for years to come, even under rigorous use.

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