Collection: The ConChuck

We at Pop's Shed are delighted to launch the ConChuck.  This chuck was designed by Con Clavant who is an experienced turner  based in Melbourne who has made his mark here in Australia as both a skilled turner and woodturning  judge.

The ConChuck  is a  Split pin chuck  with a unique design that enables any shape of wood to be held on the lathe with the drilling of a single 22mm hole. At Pop’s Shed we have taken Con’s design and invested in fabricating a high quality zinc plated chuck  which we are sure will enhance your turning.


Using the chuck is simple.  The split pin principle jams the pin into the hole created in the timber allowing even off centre and difficult timber to be held.

A modified 22mm spade bit can be useful, we suggest to grind down the long point to a small point taking care to keep the smaller point centred

Step 1.

Using a  22mm drill bit drill a hole around 40mm deep. The hole needs to come around 1cm above the top  edge of the second part of the split pin.

Step 2

Insert the bottom part of the split pin chick into the drilled hole and then tighten using a ratchet spanner and the extension. 

The ConChuck requires a 13mm Socket with an extension in order to tighten the split pin.

Step 3

Attach the chuck and timber onto the  lathe and start turning at a slow speed until the timber is rounded.  It may be useful in these early stages to bring up the tailstock to support the timber.

It is important that you order the thread size for your lathe.  Please make sure you check with the Manufacturers specification.