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Queensland Maple Bowl Blank 300 x 75mm

Queensland Maple Bowl Blank 300 x 75mm

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Queensland maple timber, scientifically known as Flindersia brayleyana or Flindersia schottiana, is indeed a popular choice for woodturning due to its workability and attractive appearance. It's native to Australia, primarily found in the rainforests of Queensland, hence its name.

Woodturners appreciate Queensland maple for its fine grain, ease of turning, and its ability to take a smooth finish. It's often used to create a variety of turned objects, including bowls, vases, pens, and decorative items. The timber's color can vary from pale pink to reddish-brown, sometimes featuring darker streaks or figuring, which adds to its visual appeal.

Given its availability in Australia, it's commonly used by local woodturners and craftspeople who have access to sustainable sources of Queensland maple. It's also exported and used by woodworkers around the world who appreciate its qualities for turning projects.

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