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Vegetable and Fruit Peeler Kit

Vegetable and Fruit Peeler Kit

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Our Vegetable and Fruit Peeler Kit – a simple yet versatile kitchen essential designed for everyday use. This kit offers a practical and enjoyable peeling experience with its sharp stainless steel blade and customizable handle options, making it a must-have tool for every home cook.

Key Features:

1. Simplistic Design: Embrace the beauty of simplicity with our Vegetable and Fruit Peeler Kit. Without the encumbrance of a tube, this peeler boasts a clean and straightforward design, focusing on functionality and ease of use.

2. Sharp Stainless Steel Blade: The peeler is equipped with a razor-sharp stainless steel blade that effortlessly glides through the toughest skins of vegetables and fruits. Its precision ensures a smooth peeling experience, making it a reliable companion in your kitchen.

3. Customizable Handle Options: Unleash your creativity! Our kit allows you to design various handles, making the peeler uniquely yours. Whether you prefer a classic wooden handle for a rustic touch or a vibrant, modern design to add a pop of colour to your kitchen, the possibilities are endless. Personalize your peeler to match your style and make kitchen chores more enjoyable.

4. Fun to Make: Experience the joy of crafting your own kitchen tools! The Vegetable and Fruit Peeler Kit not only serves a practical purpose but also provides an opportunity for a fun and engaging DIY project. Get creative with the handle design, turning an everyday task into a delightful and personalized experience.


Click here for Vegetable and Fruit Peeler Instructions

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