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Carving Knife Standard 40x12mm

Carving Knife Standard 40x12mm

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Narex carving knives are professional grade handmade tools of the highest quality. Hand tools perfect for the enthusiast and professional woodworker alike.

A Standard Carving Knife is a versatile tool great for a range of carving disciplines including general woodcarving, chip carving and whittling. If you want to hand carve wood, then check out this Narex Standard Carving Knife.

Narex PROFI Standard Carving Knife 40mm x 12mm

A carving knife is a very different animal from a chisel and must hold up under different pressures to do its job. Narex PROFI carving knives are made from high strength Magnesium-Vanadium alloy that's been hardened to 61HRC, so it will hold a cutting edge longer than knives made with inferior steels. The handle is made of Beech wood. The surface is stained and waxed.


  • Blade size: 40mm x 12mm
  • Knife length: 175mm


  • General carving
  • Chip carving
  • Whittling
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