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Bowl Gouge Side Grind m42 Cryo Handled 13mm

Bowl Gouge Side Grind m42 Cryo Handled 13mm

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Crown Razor Side Grind Bowl Gouge - M42 Cryo

When picking up a Crown tool you can instantly tell this is not some mass produced tool to be used a few times and thrown away. These lovingly crafted tools are the same tools you will be using the day you hand them down to the next generation of turners. Beautifully balanced and finished, these tools have been made for people who appreciate good workmanship and demand quality from their tools.

Features a Parabolic flute design.

Crown Tools M42 Bowl Gouge Side Grind, 400mm (16") Handle. These tools will remain sharp during long periods of demanding professional use. They are finely polished inside and the bevel is carefully ground.

  • Hardened to 66/69 HRC, massively out performing standard HSS tool
  • Cryogenically treated giving a huge increase in performance over standard M42
  • Beautifully balanced 'Copper black handles'
  • Triple tempered for Ultra high performance
  • Hand Honed to a Razor Edge
  • Hand crafted in Sheffield, England
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