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13mm woodcut Bowl Gouge 35 Degrees Handled

13mm woodcut Bowl Gouge 35 Degrees Handled

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35 degree grind

The Woodcut Tools range of Bowl and Spindle Gouges are designed by turners for turners. Unique with easily replaceable tips. This tool also always maintains constant leverage, as the shaft is not being ground away over time as one sharpens the tool. The tool gives a clean polished finish in the hands of all turners.

The 35 degree grind is uniquely designed to ensure that the bevel of the gouge is in contact with the bowl from the top of the bowl until the transition to the bottom.

  • Strong solid shaft eliminates shaft flex and tool vibration, means less tool marks and less sanding.
  • Solid shaft is comfortable to hold while turning.
  • Featuring hard wearing M2 high speed steel, triple tempered tips which hold their edge for longer, even when working with hard timbers.
  • Reduced replacement price- pay only for the replacement tip.
  • The Ash handle is mounted deep on the shaft further reducing vibration.
  • Sharp, ready to use out of the box.
  • Available handled or unhandled.
  • Overall tool length handled: 520 mm
  • Overall tool length unhandled: 320 mm
  • Ash handle length: 325 mm
  • Chisel shaft diameter: 13mm or 1/2"
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