Resin Board Workshop

Price: $500

Duration: 2 x 2 hours

Experience Level: Beginner

All tools and material supplied

During our resin board workshop, you will have the opportunity to create your own unique serving board with your chosen colour and flair.

This is a very hands-on workshop where you will be guided through every step by our expert trainers.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Safety with resin
  • Pigments and dyes
  • Mixing, measuring and pouring resin
  • Curing process
  • Demoulding
  • Sanding and finishing
  • Polishing

 The workshop will run for about 4 hours over 2 sessions. (generally, a week a part)

As resin takes time to cure the sanding, polishing and finishing steps will be done in your final session.

At the end of your final session, you will take home your own unique resin and timber serving board with a wealth of knowledge.

Serving board size is 400 x 300 x 30mm approximately.

To book your place in this workshop or express your interest, please message or call us on 9727 0611

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