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US Cherry Spindle 220 x 50 x 50mm

US Cherry Spindle 220 x 50 x 50mm

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Get ready to elevate your wood turning projects with USA Cherry timber. Sourced from the lush forests of the United States, this timber offers a captivating blend of rich colours and smooth texture, perfect for a variety of turning creations.

Vibrant Colours: With its warm reds and deep browns, USA Cherry timber brings a natural beauty to your projects, making each piece unique.

Smooth Texture: Its fine grain and smooth surface make it a dream to work with, ensuring clean cuts and precise details on the lathe.

Versatile: Whether you're crafting kitchenware or decorative items, USA Cherry timber offers endless possibilities for your turning endeavours.

Sustainable: Harvested responsibly from well-managed forests, choosing USA Cherry timber supports local craftsmanship and eco-friendly practices.

USA Cherry timber is primarily found in the eastern and central regions of the United States. It thrives in states such as Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, and Wisconsin, where the climate and soil conditions are conducive to its growth. Additionally, cherry trees can also be found in parts of the southern United States, including states like Tennessee and Georgia

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