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Japanese Saw Flush-Cutting Double

Japanese Saw Flush-Cutting Double

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A fully authentic Flush Cut Saw, built in Japan

Razorsaw are one of the finest saw blade manufacturers in the world, fine-crafting their authentic saws to traditional Japanese standards out of Tokyo since 1969. They've since become the world's leading Japanese saw manufacturer for good reason, they're extremely affordable for the incredible quality and long lifespan you get with each saw.

How does a flush cut saw work?

Designed to cut plugs and other timber extrusions flush with the surface around it without damage prior to sanding and finishing work pieces. The blade thickness is 0.3mm with a 1.0mm pitch on one edge and 1.3mm on the other for a finer cut on end-grain. Blade length is 125mm with a comfortable raw timber handle.

Fully manufactured in Japan for long life and is a pleasure to use.

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