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Turbo Plane

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Arbortech is renowned for presenting the most cutting edge wood working products within the market. The long awaited new Arbortech product has finally arrived, the ArbortechTURBOPlane™
Arbortech TURBOPlane™ is one of the most efficient freehand wood
shaping and planing blades within the wood working industry. The
Arbortech TURBOPlane™ suits most 100-115mm (4”- 4 ½”) angle grinders and with no additional guarding required.*
The blade is fitted with 3 large Tungsten Carbide teeth which provide a long blade life and the ability to handle all hard or soft
timbers. This blade is machined from solid steel as a result, provides excellent balance and control for the user leaving a fine wood finish,
needing minimal sanding. The blade employs a shallow but wide cut surface area, at high RPM’s to provide smooth operation and ease of use
in creating both flat and curved faces on wood carvings. The depth of cut can be easily controlled by varying the angle of attack of the blade
to the timber.
The ArbortechTURBOPlane™ is a universal wood carving blade that can be used in a number of ways to create different profiles and
finishes. From being used flat, to create large flat surfaces and edging to trays etc. or used at an angle to provide shallow cuts for fine
shaping and wood workmanship.

Key Benefits
Attaches to all 100mm & 115mm angle grinders*Rapid freehand wood sculpting, planing and trimming toolLeaves a smooth finish with minimal sandingEasily re-sharpened with a small diamond lap stoneWide planing actionTungsten Carbide teeth for long blade lifeLarge surface area per toothExcellent control and balanceShaves wood away for fast shaping and carvingOutstanding for free-formed convex shapes
Product Tech. Specs
100mm diameter shaping bladeMachined steel bladeSuits grinder models with either 16mm(5/8”) or 22mm (7/8”) spindles3 precision ground Tungsten Carbide teethSuitable for use up to 12,000 RPMSafety, no additional guarding required over the standard angle grinder guarding
*Angle grinder MUST be fitted with original metal grinding guard