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Figured Blackwood Knife Blank
  Figured Blackwood Knife Blank. 150mm x 50mm x 25mm Heartwood golden brown, often with narrow bands of darker colour indicative of the growth rings. Sometimes reddish streaks are also present. Grain usually straight but sometimes wavy, producing ...

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Figured Myrtle Knife Blank
  Figured Myrtle Knife Blank - 150mm x 50mm x 25mm Rich red to reddish brown coloured heartwood, paler sapwood separated from the heartwood by a zone of intermediate colour. The grain is straight to slightly interlocked, sometimes wavy and the text...

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Native Olive Knife Blank
  Native Olive Knife Blank 150mm x 50mm x 25mm Notelaea ligustrina, known as the privet mock olive, native olive, doral or silkwood, is a plant in the olive family, found in south eastern Australia. Growing in and near rainforests south of Mo...



Sassafras Knife Blank
  Sassafras Knife Blank - 150mm x 50mm x 25mm Sassafras has the most variable and dynamic colouring. It is a beautiful and pale creamy grey to white normally but can be streaked with rich browns and black heart. While the wood is light and strong,...