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Chrysocolla - 50 grams
  Chrysocolla is a stone with beautiful bluegreen colours.  It ranges in hardness from 2 to 4 on the MOH scale.   The stone polishes very well when it is placed in the inlay. For sanding you will need a range of emery paper starting ...

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Malachite - 50 grams
  A beautiful deep rich green with a MOH of 3.5 to 4. All stone is offered by Pop's Shed in bags of 50 grams.  The stone is crushed and fed through sieves and sold in four different sizes. 2mm to 4mm .5mm to 2mm Powder (calle...


pink calcite  

Pink Calcite - 50 grams
  Pink Calcite adds real contrast to dark timbers and is an easy to use stone with a hardness of only 3. It crushes down into rectangular crystals and is sold in 4 different sizes ranging from 5mm to 6mm, 3mm to 4mm, .5mm to 2mm and then powder for...



Powder to Suit Stone (25 grams)
  The Powder is used to fill the finest of gaps in the stone and is the last level of filling prior to polishing



Serpentine with Stichtite - 50 grams
  A beautiful olive green stone with sparkles of Purple Stichtite throughout the stone.  This will provide a unique contrast colour with any timber, Light or Dark