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Razertip Ball Tips Set of 10
  This larger set includes all 10 tips; the 5 tips included in the SET99X5 plus a 0.4mm(1/64"); 3.0mm(1/8"); 3.9mm(5/32"); 4.7mm(3/16"); and 5.5mm(7/32") ball tips.

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Razertip Ball Tips Set of 5
  The ball tip set of 5 includes 0.8mm(1/32"); 1.2mm(3/64"); 1.5mm(1/16"); 2.0mm(5/64"); and 2.3mm(3/32") ball tips.

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Razertip Bird Carvers Set of 5
  The 5 smallest tips. The SET5 is perfect for burning detail on ultra-mini pieces. The set includes a 1S small skew tip, 2S small round tip, 5S small spear tip, 6S small chisel tip and a 7S small round skew.

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Razertip Carvers Set of 8
  Contains 8 of our most popular birdcarvers tips (small skew #1S, medium round #2M, flat skew #4M, medium spear #5M, medium chisel #6M, large round skew #7L, burnisher #8, & writer #9).

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Razertip Feather Formers Set of 4
  Set of 4 Feather Formers - Medium tip set (~70 lines/inch). Suitable for Robin-sized birds. Includes: TH52.07M Round; TH55.10MF Spear; TH56.06M Chisel; TH57.06M Round-ended skew. Will only work with the Binding-Post Interchangeable-tip Pen #BPH.

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Razertip Hand Piece
  #BPH Binding-post Interchangeable-tip Pen is the most versatile pen available. Great for those who want to make their own tips or for those rarely-used-but-still-important tips. Every pyrographer should have at least one! Versatile: Make your own ...



Razertip Heavy Duty Cord
  Heavy-Duty Cord - RCA(M) to RCA(M) Razertip heavy-duty #1 cord for Razertip burners and pens, one male connector on each end.. Also allows use of Razertip pens on other power supplies using an RCA connector. Example: Optima, Nibs. 1M (39...



Razertip Heavy Duty Tip - Medium Knife
  Medium Knife - Heavy Duty Tip Only. General detail in pyrography, gourds, hair, or feathers. Rounded heel is preferred by many artists. Will only work with the Binding-Post Interchangeable-tip Pen #BPH.

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Razertip Pygrophy Tip Set of 5
  Contains TH30M Shader, T9 Writer, T2S Small Round, T5S Small Spear, & T73.07 Transfer/Shader.

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Razertip Pyrography Kit Double
  The SSD10 is a dual handpeice unit with varible control so you can change tips easily. Having the dual setup lets you change from one handpeice to another without turning the machine off. Includes: 1- Power supply SS-D10 1- Standard Cord #CORD1FL ...

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Razertip Pyrography Kit Single
  Includes: 1- Power supply Sk 1- Standard Cord #CORD1FL 1- Heavy-Duty Cord #CORD1HD 1- Tip Cleaner #CLEANER 1- Medium Knife Std. pen #F14M 1- Small Round Std. pen #F2S 1- 1⁄16” Ball Std. pen #F99.015 1- HD Medium Shader pen #HD

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