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Air Shield Filter Pack THP2
  Respiratory protection BS EN 12941:1999, respiratory devices, powered filtering dives class TH2P. For use against solid particulates only. Filter effiency 98% with a minimum laboratory protection factor of 50. Suitable for MDF.

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Dust Bee Gone Mask Extra Large #376
  Presenting the "Original" Dust Bee Gone Nuisance Dust Mask. Stop throwing away your money on uncomfortable disposable dust masks. This "must have" Dust Bee Gone Nuisance Dust Mask fits perfectly to the shape of your face and it lasts for years! ...



Professional Face Shield
  In addition to providing excellent protection; this newly developed face shield is exceptionally comfortable and easily adjusts for fit and shield angle. Its contoured frame wraps around your face to protect your chin and forehead. Suitable for pr...

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Trend Air/Pro 8 Hour Battery
  This  8 hour battery can be used as a replacement or a back-up battery. You can eliminate down time with an extra fully charged battery ready to go. 

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Trend Airsheild Visor Overlay 10pk
  Replacement visor overlay - clear for the AIRSHIELD.

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Trend Airshield Pro Respirator
  The Trend airshield pro is essential for any serious turner wanting to eliminate dust going to their lungs.  It is designed to protect users from harmful dust particles down to 0.3 micron size at a 98-Percent efficiency rate. A built in fan c...

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