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6 Head Mill Cutter
  This 6 cutter head fits most barrel trimmers and gives a cleaner cut.



Mandrel Saver - No. 2MT
  Are you tired of bending your Mandrel and ruining the point on your live center?  If so, then this fail-safe live center accessory is for you. Mandrels usually bend when you tighten the tailstock center point into the end indentation of your ...



Pen Blank Drilling Centre Vice
  Drill through the exact centre of your pen blanks The jaws on the drilling centre move in and out together to insure precision centre drilling of your blanks. Just set up the vice once and drill all of your blanks in the exact centre.


Pen Disassembly  

Pen Disassembly Tool
  This tool is used to disassemble 7mm pen parts



Pen Mandrel - Ajustable with Spanner - No. 2MT
  Ajustable Pen Mandrel with Spanner - No. 2MT Comes with bushes to suit the Slimline range of pens.


Pen Mill Single  

Pen Mill - 7mm
  Barrel trimmer to suit 7mm tubes


small mill kit  

Pen Mill Set - 6 cutter head
  Those who have turned plenty of pens or other items which use tube inserts will appreciate the importance of having a very straight and accurate end to each of the barrels.  I am sure we have all finished a pen or perfume atomizer only to fin...



Pen Press
  Pen presses are used to press your pen kits together making assembly easier. This unit has notches machined into the shaft for a positive shaft lock reduces the chance of the shaft sliding when the nut is tightened. Size: 390 x 90 x 60mm gives ex...



Pen Reamer to suit Bolt Action Pens and 3/8" Tubes
  Pen Reamer to suit Bolt Action Pens and 3/8" Tubes



Pen Reamer to suit Sierra Pen
  Pen Reamer to suit Sierra Pen. Size 27/64"



The "Grabber" Closed End Mandrel System - #2MT
  Do you feel limited by the metal ends of your project or length of your project tube? No problem! Now you can easily turn natural "closed ends" on any 7mm or 8mm pen or project. With our new revolutionary and amazingly simple Closed End Pen Mandr...