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Cypress Macrocarpa Bowl Blank
  Hesperocyparis macrocarpa is a coniferous tree. It is commonly known as the Monterey cypress and is one of several species of cypress trees endemic to California. In New Zealand, where it is also widespread, it is simply known as "macrocarpa". Bl...



Flexcut Whittlin Jack
  A recent addition to Flexcut's Carvin' Jack family of folding multi-tools, this knife features a Detail Knife and Roughing Knife yet weighs in at only 85g. It's just over 10cm long when closed, so it neatly fits in your pocket - ideal for travelling.



Flexcut Palm and Knife Set
  This beginner Palm & Knife Set features the most popular palm tools and knives. It includes an all-purpose cutting knife plus a detail knife for close work and carving the finest details. The two palm tools offer great cutting control and are ...



Flexcut 3 Pce Knife Starter Set
  Flexcut have packaged some of it's most popular knives in one, 3-Knife Starter Set. These knives are made with the same edge-holding steel as our gouges and chisels. The comfortable curved ergonomic handle allows for long periods of carving withou...



Flexcut 5 Draw Knife
  This Draw Knife has 5 inches (125mm) of workable edge, designed to flex around contours where large amounts of stock need to be removed quickly. The tool can be flexed to accommodate concave or convex surfaces. Cuts can be made that conform more c...



Silky Oak Pen Blank
  Grevillea robusta, commonly known as the southern silky oak, silk oak or silky oak, silver oak or Australian silver oak, is a flowering plant in the family Proteaceae. It is a tree, the largest species in its genus but is not closely related to th...



English Oak Bowl Blank
  English Oak Bowl Blank - approx: 150 x 70mm Quercus robur, commonly known as common oak, pedunculate oak, European oak or English oak, is a species of flowering plant in the beech and oak family, Fagaceae. It is native to most of Europe west...



Colour Powder Pack 30 x 10g
  30 colours of pigment powders in 10 gram bags  30 x 10g This colour pack gives you the opportunity to try out some of the colour range . They are in a smaller packet to those sold individually, however a little goes a long way. Perfect for ...



1L Poly Coat Urethane Gloss
  PURE COAT POLY is moisture curing non yellowing clear polyurethane for timber and resin that is FOOD SAFE upon curing, it's a very durable product that can be used for interior and exterior applications.  It has terrific chemical and temp res...



37mm Insert Fit-up Clock Gold Arabic
  Gold Arabic 37mm insert clock, premium quality Seiko Movement with glass Lens & alloy case. These Silcon 37mm clock inserts are very popular with woodworkers  They are designed to fit with a 10mm overall depth.  Battery included.