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2-in-1 Bottle Opener and Wine Corkscrew
  Whether you want to uncork a bottle of wine or crack open a beer, this two-in-one tool does it all! The corkscrew conveniently screws in and nests inside the bottle opener handle to safely stow until needed. Timber not included



Bottle Opener
  Bottle opener chrome plated steel with a stainless steel ferrule



Bottle Opener H/Duty Chrome Plated
  Bottle Opener H/Duty Chrome Plated



Combination Opener
  This Opener is a diverse tool which can open different items.


bottle stopper  

Deluxe Bottle Stopper
  Bottle stopper chrome plated with stainless steel grub screw Timber not included



Holey Cork Bottle Stoppers Pack of 5
  Easy to turn bottle stopper.



Silicone Bottle Stoppers - Pack of 5
  Pack of 5 Silicone Bottle Stoppers